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The Documentation

A Very Short History

There once was a website of the Automation technology laboratory. It was iteratively built across many years. Eventually it needed to be seriously updated, and a foolish little researcher volunteered.

Roughly at the same time a project was under way to homogenise, centralise and optimise all of the disparate TKK department and laboratory websites. This attempt really consisted of two parts: a shared visual appearance and a centralised CMS to maintain said websites. The latter part of the project went somewhat belly-up and had to be re-done. This took some time.

Once word of this replanning reached the ears of our volunteer webmaster near the end of January 2007, the design and planning of this website's structure was started. Assuming that it functions well, I've received assurances from the eTKK people that there won't be any obligations for us to move to the new system as long as the outward visual appearance is uniform with other TKK sites, and that the decision of what CMS to use is internal to the department.

What Makes It Tick

As you may have noticed, this site is in fact a wiki, built using PmWiki as the engine and running on top of an Apache server and PHP scripting. Unlike, say, Wikipedia, editing access to the site is limited to authorised users only. Access to some pages and groups is further limited.

Essentially, the only results of this site being a wiki is that editing pages on this site is a transferable skill -- other wikis work pretty much the same way.