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PmWiki documentation (local copy)


How can I ask a question?

If you can't find the answer in any of the documentation or here, your best bet is to ask the admin directly.


How can I restrict who can see and edit the pages/files for my course/project?

Ask the admin. All read/edit permission modifications require administrator access, but it's a very simple operation. All wiki pages and attached files belong to a group, and the permissions for that group can be set to whatever you want. So it's no problem (for example) to create a common login for a course and require students to use that login in order to see the course materials.

Images and attachments

How do I add an image or a file to a page?

Use the markup Attach:filename.ext, where filename.ext is whatever you want to have the file's name on the server be. Once you've done that, publish or preview the page; the Attach link will lead you to a page where you can upload the file from your own computer.
The .ext is important, since that tells the server what kind of file it is. If it's an image (.jpg, .gif or .png) it'll automatically be displayed. Otherwise it'll be a link to the uploaded file.

How do I add an image, but have it show up as a link?

If you want to add an image as a link to the file instead of displaying the image inline, make it a link, as in [[Attach:image.jpg|image.jpg]]

How can I pick how an image is placed on the page?

See the PmWiki documentation on just this issue.


How do you make an info box/shortcuts box under the right side navigation panel, like on the front page?

Add -SideBar to the name of the page where you want to add it, and edit that page. You can also use the markups >>navigation<< and >>shortcuts<< to make boxes that appear as navigation/shortcuts.


How can I comment a part of the code out? As in matlab with " % " and in C/C++ " // ".

(:comment text:) or wrap it with (:if false:)text(:ifend:).