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PmWiki documentation (local copy)

Page components

In addition to what you see when editing a page (title and text), a page may also have a header, footer, a sidebar and links to different language versions.

GroupHeader & GroupFooter

Each group can define a standard header and/or footer. These are then displayed for each page belonging to the group as if their contents were included at the beginning or end of the page text.

To add a header or footer to a group, create a page in the group with the name GroupHeader or GroupFooter, eg. http://autsys.tkk.fi/Group/GroupHeader.

To remove a header or footer, delete the page that defines it.

To suppress a header or footer for a single page in the group, you can include the directives (:nogroupheader:) or (:nogroupfooter:) in the text of that page.


The sidebar is displayed on the right, underneath the right-side navigation. There is a default sidebar that is applied to all pages, unless a group or page overrides it with its own sidebar. All headers in a sidebar are displayed at the same level.

To add a sidebar to a group, create a page in the group with the name SideBar, eg. http://autsys.tkk.fi/Group/SideBar. Note the capitalization.

To add a sidebar to a single page, create a page with the page's name postfixed with "-SideBar", eg. http://autsys.tkk.fi/Group/PageName-SideBar. If a page has a sidebar defined, that's shown instead of the group's sidebar. If you want to show both, include the group sidebar in the page sidebar with the command (:include SideBar:).

To remove a sidebar, delete the page that defines it.


Some material on the site may be available and presented in multiple languages (ie. Finnish and/or English). To make this work, you can adjust the contents of the language link at the very top of the page.

To change the link target for a single page, include the command (:en:Group/Page:) or (:fi:Group/Page:) on the page, obviously en on the Finnish page and fi on the English page.

To customize the link for a whole group, add a page with the name LanguageLink to the group. An example of this is the Agrix [fi] project, with Agrix.LanguageLink [fi].

For automation.tkk.fi

The "easy way" only works on autsys.tkk.fi. On the ATL site, the recommended method is to create separate groups for the different language editions and add LanguageLink pages to both/all groups.