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PmWiki documentation (local copy)


If you'd like to change your password, use the form at http://pmwiki.hut.fi?action=useradmin. If you've forgotten your password, use the form to request a new account & use the comment field to explain the situation.

Security is handled at three different levels: site, group and page, and separately for read and edit access. In each case, the most specific defined level is applied. By default (site level), pages are readable by everyone and editable by department staff only. Some groups can and are defined to have looser or stricter access control. For example, some projects have information in a group that is only readable by specified individuals. Similarly, access to some specific pages is further limited, or loosened.

In order to add or edit a secured group, get in touch with the admin.

For now, access control is completely internal to the wiki. It's possible that this will change at some point if/when the universitywide Kerberos WebLogin system is taken into use. If that happens, you'll be able to log in using your TKK username and service password.